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The MANUTRIAL is a company incorporated on November 24, 1992, for industrial maintenance activity, manufacture of machinery and other technical services.
Our story follows the transformation of car assembly plant RENAULT in Guarda, in 1990, and the consequent creation of a wiring harness production facility for cars, currently owned by the Delphi Group, inserted in the GM universe. Consequently, a group of experts decided to accept the challenge of creating your maintenance company, where the DELPHI and other customers use our serviçes.
Currently, MANUTRIAL has as main activity:
- Provision of support products for production / storage for the automotive components industry.
However, the reference activities, more concretely:
- Provision of technical maintenance teams of the companies.
- Project, development and production of specific equipment to support the production process (supply of jobs, assembly, control).
- Implementation of complete or complementary works related to industrial processes.
- Industrial Building Maintenance.
- Specialized teams in potable water tank recovery.
- Repairs and small civil works, metal constructions, iron, stainless steel or aluminum. Complemented by a technical department and workshop of production and maintenance.
In the last years of existence and the result of internationalization, our range of solutions has been extended through the creation and development of series of original products, using modeling technology and injection of polymers.
The company's growth strategy for the period 2015-2018, will major brands from current customers consolidating, extending to new customers and expansion of internationalization, continue the study and development of new technology based products keeping the concern environmental and focus on improving customer service. These measures make up our challenge and future bet, favoring attitudes of sharing knowledge, building partnerships and mutually advantageous contracts.


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